The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that eating and driving increases the likelihood of crashes by 80%. And a mindboggling 65% of near-miss crashes are caused by distracted drivers who are eating or drinking.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) claims that eating is more distracting while driving than using a cell phone to text or talk.

Over 40% of Americans visit a fast food restaurant every week and 20% visit twice a week.
There are over 160,000 fast food restaurants in the U.S.
These fast food restaurants serve roughly 50 million Americans every day and bring in $100 billion in annual revenues.

We the Customers, must now put the fire to the feet of Fast Food Chains to help try and make our fast food experiences more safe. Which will in turn save lives. Most of us must admit that those little sauce containers is one of the most frustrating and distracting parts of our fast food experience, especially while we're driving. So, we are petitioning to the fast food chains to offer products like the Easy Saucy Holder (https://easysaucyholder.com) to help combat our fight to keep our roads and children safe. The Easy Saucy Holder goes on the vehicles doors and allows drivers and other occupants to utilize the sauce holder safely (unlike some dip clip sauce holders that clips to the car vents, which can easily influence people not to wear their seat belts while dipping). It's very clear, people are not going to stop eating and driving. Therefore, we must ensure that better options exist for the eating drivers. Just like cell-phone holders are helping minimize the car crash rate for talking and texting drivers. Please sign the petition and help save our kids one sauce at a time.

This type of change could help driving parents keep their eyes on the road instead of the possible spilling sauces. Please sign the Petition. Your phone number is NOT required and if you have no questions or comments you can simply write I SIGNED in that section of the Petition. We thank you...