The Patchouli plant is well known for its magical attributes and has long been used for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Its exotic scent brings to mind far-off, magical places, and the deep enriched dark black texture gives it the Good Luck of the sacred but secrets of the color black. WHO WANTS SMOKE?


Patchuli is the Scent of The Gods. Long before Egypt became the new name of the Land of the Pyramids. Kemet was the name of that great land. Kemet means the land of blacks. So, the Kemetic black people always used the Patchuli to bring them good luck from the underworld. Black Patchuli is your sacred sticks that can bring you great things. Burn time 55 to 60 minutes. 12 Pack. Fresh Scents 360 Sticks has the quality Patchuli Scent that is worth the burn… Now, repeat after me, WHO WANT SMOKE?


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