1. Pick a fragrance of shoe insert that you'd like to try.Your first pair is free!All you pay is the shipping and handling cost of $3.99 (regular price -$9.99) We'll get those right out to you and you can start enjoying all the benefits of the best shoe inserts you'll ever use.
    2. You'll have 9 days to opt out of the Fresh Steps club with no further obligation.
    3. After that you will be billed only $10.98 (plus $3.99 shipping and handling - total $14.97) every 3 months (quarterly). We'lll send you 3 more pairs each quarter (recommended - one pair per month of normal usage).
      Regular total price for 3 pairs of our awesome shoe fresheners is $33.96 so by joining the CLUB you save more than 50% and you will never have smelly shoes again!
    4. After that initial bill and shipment, you can opt out of the club at any time with no obligation as long as you do so prior to the next billing cycle (3 months – quarterly). You'll just fill out a simple form to help us understand how we might serve you and other clients better.

Sick of smelly Shoes? -  JOIN THE CLUB!

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