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No. They are shoe inserts only and are meant to be placed in your shoes
when not in use. Once you are ready to wear the pair of shoes the Fresh
Steps Inserts are occupying, simply take them out and place them in another
pair of unoccupied shoes and the Fresh Steps Inserts will make them fresh

Yes. Isn't that so awesome. You can have a product in your car that can be
used for stinky shoes as well. So say good-bye to smelling bad shoe odors
during car trips!

No. We've created one powerful universal size shoe freshener insert that
fits inside almost all size shoes, with the exception of infants.

The shoe freshener will still keep your shoes fresh and also help prevent
bad odors from developing.

Three Months Strong!!! The effective period is 3 months or longer. It all
depends on the odor affected level. Minimum, moderate or severe. Minimum to
moderate odor affected levels will have a much longer Fresh Steps
Long-Lasting experience.